Diagnostics and Repair

The Apple Macintosh is one of the most stable and trouble-free personal computers you can use. But every now and then problems arise. This can be caused by low memory available, software installation problems, system anomalies. I have the expertise and tools to make your Mac hum (in a good way).

Questions we can answer:

Which version of the OS I can use on my Mac?
How much RAM can be installed on my Mac?
Do I need virus protection?
My Mac is over three years old – should I buy a new one?

Mac Service & Repair: Pricing as of 12/1/2011. Prices subject to change without notice.

SandpointMacs offers walk-in or on-site service for our North Idaho, Montana and Eastern Washington customers. We specialize in out-of-warranty repair. Completed service work carries a 30-day warranty.

Service Labor
$60.00 per hour; $30.00 minimum. Service/repair performed at our facility.

Rush Service
$120.00 flat fee. Puts customer next in line for service work “while you wait.”

On-Site Labor
$90.00 per hour; $90.00 minimum. Service/repair performed at the customer’s location. One way service charge applies.

Telephone Support
$60.00 per hour. If you have questions or want phone support we will bill you a minimum of $15 for 15 minutes, $30.00 for a half hour.